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Shoot the waves of aliens and avoid their fire! Watch out -- menacing aliens enter the game from all sides, and can swoop down to get you at any minute! In AstroChase you control a space fighter moving on the screen, scrolling left and right in order to avoid oncoming bombs and kamikaze attacks from alien invaders--and to fire your own missiles to fight back! Out on the far reaches of the galaxy the Earths Star Fleet is fighting a losing battle against the aliens rather inferior but overwhelming fleet. It is only a matter of time before the aliens will be able to break through the only obstacle in their path - the Earth's defence network of Laser Cannons. These are stationed on selected orbiting Asteroids in various sectors of space. The Laser Cannons have the fire power to knock out any of the Alien Battle Cruisers. The aliens are not so dumb. They won't risk the cruisers. First they will send in small squads of their Emperors Elite Force of warriors to knock out the Laser Cannons to pave the way for the big boys. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to hold out for as long as possible using your space ship on your asteroid.

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